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Child care als inkomstenbron?

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Robin, een mede-klant van Neo Finance zag bij een lening staan dat de inkomstenbron Child Care Benifit was.
Wat houdt dat dan in?
Hij vroeg het aan Neo Finance.
Dit was het antwoord:

Thank you for your question.
I assume you are asking about this loan:
The borrower receives child care benefit and his wife currently has no “sustainable income”.
In Lithuania, you can apply for child care benefit choosing its’ length.  Parents can have maternity/paternity leave for 2 years (receiving  benefit) and for 3 years (receiving benefit only for first 2 years).
When it comes to such situations we evaluate conservatively:
 • We only evaluate borrowers who have a benefit for no longer than 2 years.
 • We only evaluate the lowest provided benefit, since after one year of parenthood leave the benefit is reduced.
Basically, we evaluate the contract between social security system and  the borrower. As this benefit is considered "earned income" in  Lithuania, such people are also considered "employed". Their jobs are  protected during parenthood, so they will receive a salary when they  return to work after parental leave.
If you have more questions, let us know.
Best Regards

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