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Verbeterde tekst Inactieve accounts kosten

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Changes to the pricing of personal accounts from 1 March 2022
In order to inform our clients in advance of the changes of the platform, we would like to inform that from 1 March 2022, fees for the administration of inactive accounts will be changing.
The account will be considered as active and the administration fee will not be applied if you are:
• A borrower;
• An investor who had an active investment in the last 90 days;
• An investor who currently have an active loan;
• Legal entity which is Neopay client.
We consider an active investment to be an investment that is still not fully paid out to the investor, regardless of the date the funds were invested.
Neopay customers are legal entities that use payment initiation, account information and other related services.
Important! If the investor has at least one active account, there will be no fee for any inactive additional accounts. If the client uses the additional account opening service – the fee for additional accounts for investors remains the same – €0.79/month, regardless of the account activity. Also, if the balance of an inactive account is €0.00, no fee will be charged.
Example: If a physical investor did not invest, but has/had an active investment in the last 90 days, the tax will not be applied. If the investor did not have an active investment in the last 90 days but currently has a loan, the tax will not apply. If the legal investor has neither an active loan nor an active investment, but is a Neopay customer, the fee will also not apply.
The following fees will apply for inactive accounts:
• For natural persons: €0.99/month
• For legal entities: €2.99/month
The status of the account will be reviewed and the fee applied at the beginning of each month. Charging will only apply if your account has an unused balance.
In addition, to provide more advantages for implementing different investment strategies, VIP investors and FinoMark clients will be given an opportunity to open additional accounts free of charge based on the investors’ level:
• VIP Silver members – 1 free additional account;
• VIP Gold members – 2 free additional accounts;
• VIP Platinum members – 3 free additional accounts;
• Finomark clients – 1 free additional account.
If the VIP investor already has additional accounts, then according to the number of free accounts, they will become free of charge.
Before the new pricing takes effect, we recommend you review the accounts you have which are (in)active and act in your own best interest. If you currently have an inactive account, we encourage you to check the continually updated investment offers on the market. You may find loans that are attractive to you and will help effectively put your money to work and avoid the inactive account charges.
View investment offers
If the client nonetheless no longer plan to use NEO Finance’s services, he can avoid the inactive account fee by closing the account. The client can do that free of charge if his personal bank account has been identified.

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